Tuesday, 3 June 2014

2D Year Major Project Pre-Production

Sorry guys and gals for taking this long to upload my Major Project stuff, but oh well, you're not the boss of me! get out of my face.

I decided for my final Second Year project to do a showreel, mainly so I could do a variety of interesting animations loosly based around of characters. My forte isn't exactly narrative structure, so I had a lot of fun faffing around with character designs without having to think of a storyline.

Here are some of them for the pleasure of your eyeholes...

I messed around with a few ideas as to what sort of context I could put into the characters. As tempting as making a talking toilet was, I was encouraged to go for a more solid construction design. The final list of characters consisted of the crusty old scientist, the moose butler, the hunchbacked female maid, and the pug. Oh lord, the pug.

Hell yeah. Pugs.

The final design for the professor was very much inspired by the style of the regular show,  with a spindly stick body and a ridiculously balooned head.

This is the final turnaround

                                                     Onwards to the animating!

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