Monday, 1 September 2014


I'm currently trying to colour in an old animation/ start a new animation so I figured i'd post some sketchbook rubbish to fill in some space in between projects :D If there are any professionals looking at these I can only apologise for this dreadful mess of a post.
Also please hire me.


Hold up it's an actual animation! The only slither of work i'm even vaguely happy with from my 2d Year Final Project. And a test at that. You should be happy I'm even uploading this you ungrateful swines.

I thought I may as well show you some of the little work i've actually been payed to do.

This is a book cover I did yonkss ago. It's called "Rude Awakenings" by Jonathan Eaves. Check that shizzle out yo:

This is one I actually did for my father, the story of his life as from a miner in his childhood to the worker strikes in the 80s. Here's a review of the book:

Now for some actual serious super classy naked people (politely ignore the doodles around them. I get bored easily)

I can't draw feet/ hands/ limbs/ faces. So sorry about that.

I'm pretty good at snakes now though!

Now for the silliness....

I was messing around with proportions of life drawing poses in this photo, my aim pretty much being to make it all weird and gross. And oh boy am I good at that!

Just some silly little concepts doodles for a few ideas I had. Too many goofy characters, far too little story making skills to lump them together. Woe is me.

I can't even explain this page. Just keep on scrolling.

This was a charming group charicature my imagination threw up for some terrible reason. Isn't it fabulous?

So Yeah! Hopefully next update I will have done some actual animation! Which would be nice wouldn't it? It's in the title of my blog and everything.


Bonus sexy picture:

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