Thursday, 26 February 2015

Final Film Production!

That's right folks... I've actually posted twice this millenium. I hope you were sitting down when you found that out.

 Basically I'm going to be updating (hopefully) once a week with the progress i've made in this film as well as any other projects i'm working on/ films or companies i'm interested in.

I'm kind of not focusing on one single aspect of my film at the moment and chipping away at little tasks instead, but essentially the plan is to finalize a proper good animatic and my backgrounds by the end of next week. Here's hoping my legendary procrastination skills don't kick in.


Here is the first background i've completed for the film. Only 40 odd more to do! Excuse me while I go and cry in a corner. 

I'm still not used to tablet drawing but it's slowly been replacing my traditional drawing in this film. At least for the first couple of scenes. I'm quite proud of this considering it's completely digital.

This is a turnaround ive done for my friend on the Game Art Course in our University. He's going to model it in Maya and then i'm going to import the still image of the final model into After Effects and use the puppet warp tool to move it around in a couple of scenes in my film as a background character. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this is going to look.


This is a simple walk cycle i've done to test out some effects that I might use in the film. I've drawn it traditionally so I can trace over it in a couple of different media, such as chalk, pastels, watercolours and other effects

These are some of the adverts i'm working on for the background of my futuristic scene. Which will be modeled by my friend on the BA Computer Animation course in my uni. You can find his awesome shit here:

Here are some of his tests that he's done.

                                                 Mmm yeah that's some good computer magic...

This is my character turnaround for most of the film. He'll change styles considerably throughout but the essential shape will be the same.

Also, new youtube channel! It's a bit poo at the moment but i'm sure it'll be thoroughly fabulous to your eyes soon:

Look out for more posts soon on this demented little corner of the internet :D

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