Monday, 2 February 2015

Massive 2015 dump.

Dodgy title, sorry bout that kids.

So this is what i've squeezed out for my 2015 update. Sorry for not updating for a few months then dropping a huge one out of the blue. I've been meaning to do this for a while so it's a load off my mind to finally do this. Hope you don't think it's too crap or anything.

So this is what I finally ended up designing for my business card. I foolishly printed off a hundred of them so apologies if I enthusiastically throw one at your face. Although i'm tempted to keep them and make a really creepy suit.

 I got rid of the number in case one of my many rabid fans tracks me down. Waddya gonna do.

I was quite happy with how they turned out. I feel like they give a decent impression of what to expect from me. Although apparently the monster on the back is green, which is bit annoying.

This was pretty much the first thing i came up with when everyone was brainstorming their initial film ideas. I had the good foresight to not plan my film in any possible way until the project came about, so I had massive difficulty sticking to one idea. This was a nice little one about the miner's in the booming coal industry in the valleys. As the son of a miner, i've heard no end to the stories of the horrors and trials that even children had to endure, so it was an obvious choice.

This was a cute 'un. It was pretty much just me drawing my dog and a few cats in various degrees of annoyance. It could have been a nice cute family friendly adventure with probably a few poo jokes in for good measure. Alas, I grew tired of the cuteness and quickly moved onto this beauty...


Well this blog went downhill very fast didn't it? I think the black box really frames the drawing nicely. I was pretty much just looking into demonology and cool demons that could be interpreted into a stupid drawing. If you're nice enough and you promise not to report me for indecency and being a weirdo i'll show you the rest of them one day.

This idea was pretty much just demons harassing a poor monk, but instead of the horrible torturous deeds that they are known for they'd act more like school bullies, pranking and giving him wedgies. 

More cool stuff! wowzers.

I did most of these drawings in Italy when I was meant to be drawing landscapes and have deep thoughts about pasta or some shit. Oh well.

As you can see my film is going to be a lovely lighthearted affair filled with wonder and joy.

 Here's my final turnaround for my character. And yes. I am aware it's pretty much me. Unfortunately it was the only way my film was going to work the way I wanted it to, so you'll have to suffer with seeing my lovely mug throughout most of the film. You lucky shits.

And that's it for now! Hopefully there'll be a few more previews of my film before the end of the uni year! If there isn't and you're unhappy with the amount of updates that I do on this blog, please file a complaint to my totally real secretary.

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