Saturday, 28 March 2015


Woops, kinda stopped posting for 2 weeks. Sorry about that. But dry your tears children, there's plenty of disgusting characters for everyone!

If you haven't got the brainpower to decypher my blog title, today we're going to look at my new animatic! You lucky sods.


I spent the week or two after my last blog post drawing backgrounds/ characters for this animatic. Due to time constraints I didn't get to redo much of the end parts of the animatic but they're pretty much unchanged. I fear it slipped my mind how rough the animatics should be and I spent far too long making it look as attractive as possible. With the amount of time I put into it I may as well sumbit it as my final film.
Not much progress on the last background of the first scene. I've put some more shading and details into it but as far as finishing it goes it aint lookin great for now.

Here are some screenshots of the animatic while I was working on it. Try not to explode from excitement.



I slightly altered the back of my business card as well. It was vaguely inspired by Leonardo's Venetian Man if you couldn't guess. I completely redid the background and changed the character's colour to match the background colour more, because apparently i'd unwittingly coloured it green. Who knew, eh?

Now for some actual animation from my actual film. Never before seen! Top Secret! 10/10

Hope you didn't completely hate that. I had to redo the legs of the walk cycle so it didn't kick out so awkwardly but apart from that i'm pretty much done with it. I'm aiming to finish all my rough animation for the first scene by the end of next week, then spend a week or two on the next scene and so on. Animating for the first time in half a year is a bit daunting but i'm slowly getting back into it. Hurray for that!

That's enough verbal diorrhea from me, tune in next week for more animation loveliness!

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