Thursday, 5 March 2015

Backgrounds and Pugs

Weekly update fellas. I've been doing a bumload of backgrounds this week, and i've still got a fair bumload left before I even begin animating this beast of a film. 

As someone who would rather put his face in a blender than draw backgrounds all day you can imagine the state of pure bliss i'm in right now.

So the first act in the film is going to have a very retro sepia tone feel, which suits me since colouring aint my thang, girl. The backgrounds are going to be made completely digitally on photoshop, as well as most of the first scene's animation. Mostly because Flash just doesn't accomadate for a more sketchy and layered drawing style, and the TV Paint program is expensive as tits.

Backgrounds incoming.

 I don't enjoy the proccess of making architetcual backgrounds at all. It loses the flowing lines and spontanaeity that I enjoy from character design and more natural enviroments. Nevertheless it came out nicely, and the flickering dim bulb will frame the shot nicely.

Just a Pin-up for a delapidated bedroom i'm doing. Don't ask about the stains.


The linework on this brief scene was a little bit horrible to draw. At this rate i'm making a background a day, so I may have to push my film debut a few years.

This is the final outcome (the rough drawings are only there to get a rough idea of what the animation will look like) I'm going to add rising fumes from the ground probably, although I don't want to muddy it up too much. I used several multiplied layers of shading, and different line opacity to create a faded effect and make a more prominent foreground. 

I've also been finalising some adverts for my lovely CG background wizard Ben. If you're looking for a good time check his stuff out here.

I had a lot of fun with these. The scene's going to be a futuristic city, so a lot of the adverts are alien product placements and bizzare news reporters.


Well that's it for now. This whole making a weekly post is working out, isn't it? Who would have thought. I'm still neck deep in backgrounds but hopefully animating will be in full swing by next week. 

Here's a gif of a pug to tide you over until your next dose of Tad.

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