Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Blogging my innards out.

Evening darlings,

I brushed the cobwebs off my poor neglected schedule and realised I have just about a month and a half until my final hand in. Hopefully that dooming reminder is enough of a kick up the ass to keep me motivated through this last stretch of university.

Here's some moving pictures for you to stare at by the way.

Obviously this is rougher than a really rough thing, but you get the general gist of the scene. I'd like a bit more head drag when he's swinging the door open but it's difficult to achieve when he's kind of opening and immediatly walking out into the corridor.

Finally got round to uploading this one! Go me. I don't usually enjoy my own work but i'm really happy with this one. It's pretty basic animation but I enjoy the simple aesthetic of the scene. I feel like I balanced the harsh light and the vast emptiness around it pretty well. 

This here's my design for the inside of my train scene. I wanted a cool panoramic view to show off some of the character designs that didn't make it to the rest of the film. By this point in the film the main character's entered this trippy reality where the characters are starting to blend and get weirder.

Here's a more complete version with an idea of where the character's would sit... disgusting aren't they?

I'm painfully aware how many characters are in this scene. I don't think i'm making it out of this film alive...

I took a break from animating for a bit to develop more of the characters on the train. This rather sketchy flapper girl is probably going to breath smoke out slowly or something easily animatable like that. Easy peasy.

This is going to be very fun to animate. There's a scene where the main character wakes up in the crowded train and realises he's sleeping on her, erm, ample chest. I'm going to animate her very fluid and sketchy. She almost seems like a horrible cross between The Little Mermaid's Ursula and Monsters Inc's Roz. Damn it, Tad.

Also i've starting animating some of the characters in the train scene! Good for me.

I realise I should probably do more with this blog than just dump uni work, so i'm planning to talk about some animated shorts/ films as well as companies that i've been looking at that have been inspiring me. So that should be fun, right? Right?

I leave you with the most accurate representation of how I feel making these blogs.

au revoir

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