Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Blogging my innards out.

Evening darlings,

I brushed the cobwebs off my poor neglected schedule and realised I have just about a month and a half until my final hand in. Hopefully that dooming reminder is enough of a kick up the ass to keep me motivated through this last stretch of university.

Here's some moving pictures for you to stare at by the way.

Obviously this is rougher than a really rough thing, but you get the general gist of the scene. I'd like a bit more head drag when he's swinging the door open but it's difficult to achieve when he's kind of opening and immediatly walking out into the corridor.

Finally got round to uploading this one! Go me. I don't usually enjoy my own work but i'm really happy with this one. It's pretty basic animation but I enjoy the simple aesthetic of the scene. I feel like I balanced the harsh light and the vast emptiness around it pretty well. 

This here's my design for the inside of my train scene. I wanted a cool panoramic view to show off some of the character designs that didn't make it to the rest of the film. By this point in the film the main character's entered this trippy reality where the characters are starting to blend and get weirder.

Here's a more complete version with an idea of where the character's would sit... disgusting aren't they?

I'm painfully aware how many characters are in this scene. I don't think i'm making it out of this film alive...

I took a break from animating for a bit to develop more of the characters on the train. This rather sketchy flapper girl is probably going to breath smoke out slowly or something easily animatable like that. Easy peasy.

This is going to be very fun to animate. There's a scene where the main character wakes up in the crowded train and realises he's sleeping on her, erm, ample chest. I'm going to animate her very fluid and sketchy. She almost seems like a horrible cross between The Little Mermaid's Ursula and Monsters Inc's Roz. Damn it, Tad.

Also i've starting animating some of the characters in the train scene! Good for me.

I realise I should probably do more with this blog than just dump uni work, so i'm planning to talk about some animated shorts/ films as well as companies that i've been looking at that have been inspiring me. So that should be fun, right? Right?

I leave you with the most accurate representation of how I feel making these blogs.

au revoir

Saturday, 28 March 2015


Woops, kinda stopped posting for 2 weeks. Sorry about that. But dry your tears children, there's plenty of disgusting characters for everyone!

If you haven't got the brainpower to decypher my blog title, today we're going to look at my new animatic! You lucky sods.


I spent the week or two after my last blog post drawing backgrounds/ characters for this animatic. Due to time constraints I didn't get to redo much of the end parts of the animatic but they're pretty much unchanged. I fear it slipped my mind how rough the animatics should be and I spent far too long making it look as attractive as possible. With the amount of time I put into it I may as well sumbit it as my final film.
Not much progress on the last background of the first scene. I've put some more shading and details into it but as far as finishing it goes it aint lookin great for now.

Here are some screenshots of the animatic while I was working on it. Try not to explode from excitement.



I slightly altered the back of my business card as well. It was vaguely inspired by Leonardo's Venetian Man if you couldn't guess. I completely redid the background and changed the character's colour to match the background colour more, because apparently i'd unwittingly coloured it green. Who knew, eh?

Now for some actual animation from my actual film. Never before seen! Top Secret! 10/10

Hope you didn't completely hate that. I had to redo the legs of the walk cycle so it didn't kick out so awkwardly but apart from that i'm pretty much done with it. I'm aiming to finish all my rough animation for the first scene by the end of next week, then spend a week or two on the next scene and so on. Animating for the first time in half a year is a bit daunting but i'm slowly getting back into it. Hurray for that!

That's enough verbal diorrhea from me, tune in next week for more animation loveliness!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Another incredibly unprofessional blog...

So this week has been far less productive than previous ones. Don't expect that classic Tadalicious™ quality from my drawings that you've come to know and love. 

My productivity came to a halt when I realised I have to to a ridiculously detailed aerial view of a city, with little people and cars and all. Ive been dodging that little doozy like a champ.

I've managed to get some final character designs for the black and white city scene though! I've made a charicature based on an old photo of my grandparents when they were hip cats in the 20s. They'll be walking together in some background scenes in the city. I've exagaratted some features to fit the style i'm going for. Cute isnt it?


 Here are some of the backgrounds i've put together since my last post. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed avoiding them. 

In this scene my character's going to walk past a window shop while a demon follows his reflection. The gramphone in the background is on a layer underneath the window layer, so I can animate the handle turning independently. Clever boy inni?

This scene's going to be a fun one, kids. The main character's going to walk onto the street and get horribly mangled by an oncoming car. Fun for all the family! Ignore the craptastic car. The actual one's going to be great. Promise.


One of my favourites. Merely because it's just a grey background with characters on top. The simple up and down animation should be relatively easy too. Luvvly jubbly.

This is the sorry excuse for a background i'm in the proccess of ruining. The camera's going to pan out of the main character to reveal the city's bustling streets, before suddenly zooming back in to the character's eye, transitioning nicely to the next scene/ world. 
Perspective's never been my strong point so it's been an interesting challenge for me. And by interesting I mean sould crushing. If you think i'm a drama queen now wait till I actually have to do some animation! hullaballooo I tell you!


Here's one of the nicer background's that i've done. It should have some interesting animation in it with the sleeping fruitseller, lounging child with his apple, surprisingly droopy newspaper seller and of course fancy cat. Look at all those bananas. It's like they're coming out of the screen.

That's it for now. Be sure to check out my blog next Thursday for the up to date news on me, Tad Davies! Cancel all your plans.


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Backgrounds and Pugs

Weekly update fellas. I've been doing a bumload of backgrounds this week, and i've still got a fair bumload left before I even begin animating this beast of a film. 

As someone who would rather put his face in a blender than draw backgrounds all day you can imagine the state of pure bliss i'm in right now.

So the first act in the film is going to have a very retro sepia tone feel, which suits me since colouring aint my thang, girl. The backgrounds are going to be made completely digitally on photoshop, as well as most of the first scene's animation. Mostly because Flash just doesn't accomadate for a more sketchy and layered drawing style, and the TV Paint program is expensive as tits.

Backgrounds incoming.

 I don't enjoy the proccess of making architetcual backgrounds at all. It loses the flowing lines and spontanaeity that I enjoy from character design and more natural enviroments. Nevertheless it came out nicely, and the flickering dim bulb will frame the shot nicely.

Just a Pin-up for a delapidated bedroom i'm doing. Don't ask about the stains.


The linework on this brief scene was a little bit horrible to draw. At this rate i'm making a background a day, so I may have to push my film debut a few years.

This is the final outcome (the rough drawings are only there to get a rough idea of what the animation will look like) I'm going to add rising fumes from the ground probably, although I don't want to muddy it up too much. I used several multiplied layers of shading, and different line opacity to create a faded effect and make a more prominent foreground. 

I've also been finalising some adverts for my lovely CG background wizard Ben. If you're looking for a good time check his stuff out here.

I had a lot of fun with these. The scene's going to be a futuristic city, so a lot of the adverts are alien product placements and bizzare news reporters.


Well that's it for now. This whole making a weekly post is working out, isn't it? Who would have thought. I'm still neck deep in backgrounds but hopefully animating will be in full swing by next week. 

Here's a gif of a pug to tide you over until your next dose of Tad.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Final Film Production!

That's right folks... I've actually posted twice this millenium. I hope you were sitting down when you found that out.

 Basically I'm going to be updating (hopefully) once a week with the progress i've made in this film as well as any other projects i'm working on/ films or companies i'm interested in.

I'm kind of not focusing on one single aspect of my film at the moment and chipping away at little tasks instead, but essentially the plan is to finalize a proper good animatic and my backgrounds by the end of next week. Here's hoping my legendary procrastination skills don't kick in.


Here is the first background i've completed for the film. Only 40 odd more to do! Excuse me while I go and cry in a corner. 

I'm still not used to tablet drawing but it's slowly been replacing my traditional drawing in this film. At least for the first couple of scenes. I'm quite proud of this considering it's completely digital.

This is a turnaround ive done for my friend on the Game Art Course in our University. He's going to model it in Maya and then i'm going to import the still image of the final model into After Effects and use the puppet warp tool to move it around in a couple of scenes in my film as a background character. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this is going to look.


This is a simple walk cycle i've done to test out some effects that I might use in the film. I've drawn it traditionally so I can trace over it in a couple of different media, such as chalk, pastels, watercolours and other effects

These are some of the adverts i'm working on for the background of my futuristic scene. Which will be modeled by my friend on the BA Computer Animation course in my uni. You can find his awesome shit here: http://www.dincorta.com/uni-stuff

Here are some of his tests that he's done.

                                                 Mmm yeah that's some good computer magic...

This is my character turnaround for most of the film. He'll change styles considerably throughout but the essential shape will be the same.

Also, new youtube channel! It's a bit poo at the moment but i'm sure it'll be thoroughly fabulous to your eyes soon: https://www.youtube.com/user/TadDaviees

Look out for more posts soon on this demented little corner of the internet :D

Monday, 2 February 2015

Massive 2015 dump.

Dodgy title, sorry bout that kids.

So this is what i've squeezed out for my 2015 update. Sorry for not updating for a few months then dropping a huge one out of the blue. I've been meaning to do this for a while so it's a load off my mind to finally do this. Hope you don't think it's too crap or anything.

So this is what I finally ended up designing for my business card. I foolishly printed off a hundred of them so apologies if I enthusiastically throw one at your face. Although i'm tempted to keep them and make a really creepy suit.

 I got rid of the number in case one of my many rabid fans tracks me down. Waddya gonna do.

I was quite happy with how they turned out. I feel like they give a decent impression of what to expect from me. Although apparently the monster on the back is green, which is bit annoying.

This was pretty much the first thing i came up with when everyone was brainstorming their initial film ideas. I had the good foresight to not plan my film in any possible way until the project came about, so I had massive difficulty sticking to one idea. This was a nice little one about the miner's in the booming coal industry in the valleys. As the son of a miner, i've heard no end to the stories of the horrors and trials that even children had to endure, so it was an obvious choice.

This was a cute 'un. It was pretty much just me drawing my dog and a few cats in various degrees of annoyance. It could have been a nice cute family friendly adventure with probably a few poo jokes in for good measure. Alas, I grew tired of the cuteness and quickly moved onto this beauty...


Well this blog went downhill very fast didn't it? I think the black box really frames the drawing nicely. I was pretty much just looking into demonology and cool demons that could be interpreted into a stupid drawing. If you're nice enough and you promise not to report me for indecency and being a weirdo i'll show you the rest of them one day.

This idea was pretty much just demons harassing a poor monk, but instead of the horrible torturous deeds that they are known for they'd act more like school bullies, pranking and giving him wedgies. 

More cool stuff! wowzers.

I did most of these drawings in Italy when I was meant to be drawing landscapes and have deep thoughts about pasta or some shit. Oh well.

As you can see my film is going to be a lovely lighthearted affair filled with wonder and joy.

 Here's my final turnaround for my character. And yes. I am aware it's pretty much me. Unfortunately it was the only way my film was going to work the way I wanted it to, so you'll have to suffer with seeing my lovely mug throughout most of the film. You lucky shits.

And that's it for now! Hopefully there'll be a few more previews of my film before the end of the uni year! If there isn't and you're unhappy with the amount of updates that I do on this blog, please file a complaint to my totally real secretary.

Monday, 1 September 2014


I'm currently trying to colour in an old animation/ start a new animation so I figured i'd post some sketchbook rubbish to fill in some space in between projects :D If there are any professionals looking at these I can only apologise for this dreadful mess of a post.
Also please hire me.


Hold up it's an actual animation! The only slither of work i'm even vaguely happy with from my 2d Year Final Project. And a test at that. You should be happy I'm even uploading this you ungrateful swines.

I thought I may as well show you some of the little work i've actually been payed to do.

This is a book cover I did yonkss ago. It's called "Rude Awakenings" by Jonathan Eaves. Check that shizzle out yo: http://www.amazon.com/Rude-Awakenings-Jonathan-Eaves-ebook/dp/B00KXQ7WJ8

This is one I actually did for my father, the story of his life as from a miner in his childhood to the worker strikes in the 80s. Here's a review of the book: http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/a-b9c7-Book-Review-A-Miners-Life#.VAUkh0jkMf0

Now for some actual serious super classy naked people (politely ignore the doodles around them. I get bored easily)

I can't draw feet/ hands/ limbs/ faces. So sorry about that.

I'm pretty good at snakes now though!

Now for the silliness....

I was messing around with proportions of life drawing poses in this photo, my aim pretty much being to make it all weird and gross. And oh boy am I good at that!

Just some silly little concepts doodles for a few ideas I had. Too many goofy characters, far too little story making skills to lump them together. Woe is me.

I can't even explain this page. Just keep on scrolling.

This was a charming group charicature my imagination threw up for some terrible reason. Isn't it fabulous?

So Yeah! Hopefully next update I will have done some actual animation! Which would be nice wouldn't it? It's in the title of my blog and everything.


Bonus sexy picture: